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ECVI Programs

Cooking with Confidence

Cooking with Confidence classes help the visually impaired navigate everyday life in the kitchen! Students learn about safe accessibility tools, organizing cabinets and refrigerator, how to cook meals and more! 

Grant is wearing a kitchen apron and showing his oven mits as he poses with Ann and Mary who are also wearing Aprons

Daily Living skills

ECVI helps train students to handle daily living skills. Photo is the kitchen at ECVI.

Photo is of a kitchen

Computer support

ECVI offers computer training for students. ECVI helps students navigate everyday life through this training on computers, phones and more! Photo is of a woman sitting at a computer.

Photo is of a woman at an ECVI Computer

Book Club

In Book club, students suggest books to read and talking books are sent directly to the student's home. Participants discuss the book at the meeting!  An NLS player is featured in this photo.

Photo is of an NLS player that plays audio books

Mobile Device advice

ECVI assists students by offering instruction with Mobile Devices! Students learn how to use voice commands, apps, and other accessibility features on a smart phone to stay connected with family and friends. Photo is man holding a phone.

Photo is man holding a phone.

White Cane training

ECVI helps students learn to to use a white cane to assist in everyday life activities!

Ann is holding a white cane and looking at a display at Lincoln Gardens with Carol

Friendship Fridays

Friendship Fridays are a great way to meet new friends, become a part of the ECVI family and enjoy speakers, events, book club and more!  Go to the Events page to learn more.

Photo is of the students and staff and Showplace 12 movie theatre

Wellness Mondays

Wellness Mondays are workshops meant to help visually impaired women maintain a healthy lifestyle and monitor their health independently.  Photo is women at a meeting.

A group of woman are sitting at the ECVI table

Resource Referral

Students receive resource referral to help them in their everyday life.  This photo is of a personal vision coach teaching a student the basics of learning braille.

photo is of a personal vision coach teaching a student the basics of learning braille.
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